Adriatic Encounters 2017

From 10 to 14 of May Zadar will host Adriatic Encounters, a well-known seminar of history students that is held every year in a different city on the Adriatic Sea. Until 2016, seminar was exclusively intended for students coming only from Adriatic countries. Last year, at the seminar in Split, people from entire Europe got chance to apply; only condition was that they are interested in history of Adriatic and its surrounding territories. Zadar is continuing with that practice, as we want to give opportunity to every history student interested in the topic of Adriatic Sea to come in beautiful city of Zadar and further explore history of the Adriatic region.

”Clash of Civilizations” is a very much live issue connected with many contemporary relations in the world. It’s not only interesting because of series of ongoing wars that are happening on the borders of different civilizations (Middle East for instance). It’s also interesting because of continuous changes that are taking place in a global world, changes that are inevitably affecting every nation and civilization. Throughout history, Adriatic region was the place where different civilizations met. Those contacts caused development of science, culture and trade. On the other hand, a various nations who migrated from one part of the Europe to another, often encountered each other on the shores of Adriatic Sea where they fought for territory, resources, and strategic positions. Many different religions (Catholic, Orthodox, Muslim), nations (Illyrians, Ancient Greeks, Romans, Italians, Croatians, Slovenians, etc.) and empires (Roman, Byzantine, Austrian, Ottoman) crossed in Adriatic region during different periods and they’ve all shaped it in a many different ways. Contacts between all these different communities, entitles the Adriatic as a place where civilizations clashed.